About Us

Directorate of Punjab State Lotteries was established in the year 1968 as a wing of the Finance Department of the Punjab Government.. The Directorate is located at VIT- TE- YOJNA BHAWAN Plot No 2, Sector 33-A, Chandigarh, 160020.  Click to see the Organisational Structure of the Directorate of Lotteries, Punjab.

Our Mission

The aim of the Directorate of Lotteries, Punjab is to conduct and promote genuine lottery schemes in a transparent manner and in compliance with the rules & regulations.

Our Objectives

The objectives of the Punjab State Lotteries are ─

1. To discourage citizens from getting swayed by illegal activities like satta & matka, by providing clean & genuine lottery schemes.
2. To mobilize non-tax revenue for the State Government, to be further used for various Welfare Schemes.
3. To take advantage of the technological advancements and create an efficient, effective and people friendly environment to conduct & promote Punjab State Lotteries.
4. To generate direct/indirect employement opportunities in the state of Punjab.